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Osaris Geofox Series5 netBook Series 5mx revo/Mako

These patches correct some minor errors in several EPOC programs. Use them on your own risk. The patches are program version and device specific, please don't use them with wrong software versions.

Oregon Scientific Osaris

Geofox One

Psion Series5

Psion netBook, Psion Series7

A huge collection of colorization patches for netBook and Series7 you can find on Martin Guthrie's site (www.pscience5.net). My patches adapt mainly toolbars, menus, dialogues and shortcuts of an application to netBook style and should be used together with Martin's patches.

Psion Series5/5mx/5mx Pro, Ericsson MC218

Psion Revo/Revo Plus, Diamond Mako

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